Shipment is FREE of charge for Italy (excluding islands). There is a charge of Euro 6,25 for the purchase of one single tyre.

For all Islands there is a shipping charge of Euro 16 and Euro 6,25 for the purchase of one single tyre.

Choosing the wrong option "Islands" will require the a shipping charge to be paid to the courier at the time of delivery if not paid at the time of the order.
Refusing to pay said amount will not allow you to collect the products and this will be regulated by the respective "terms and conditions".
Therefore, this refusal will mean that the goods will be returned to the sender. The amount paid will be reimbursed within 24 hours after the goods are received by the sender and the return fee of Euro 25 + 10% of the value of the goods for administrative expenses will be deducted accordingly.

recycling tyres

The initial ELT means "End of Life Tyre" and indicates the mandatory contribution set out by Legislative Decree 82 of 11 April 2011 for the disposal of used tyres.

This contribution must be paid by the buyer and is collected by the dealer and paid to the respective consortium.

The ELT can also be paid when the tyres are mounted and therefore the assigned technician may request it. If they are purchased with, the paid amount is specified in the invoice and you only need to show it to prove the payment of the mandatory contribution.

For more information please refer to the PDF file of Legislative Decree on ELT.