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Special features

Mean the features of certain types of tyres. The most useful and requested types are the following:


"Runflat" " is a special reinforced tyre that never deflates completely even if punctured hence allowing the driver to continue driving at a reduced speed until reaching a safety area where the tyre can be replaced or where the driver can call for road assistance. The picture provided by Pirelli shows the difference in the behaviour of these tyres in case of a flat tyre compared to standard tyres.

"Reinforced" o "ExtraLoad" are tyres with a structure that can withstand heavy loads and stress, making it the ideal tyre for special conditions and uses.

The "rim protection" feature is a special part of the tyre that protects the rim from scratches that can occur, for example, during parking manoeuvres near sidewalks.

These "special" features can also coexist in a tyre which can be a Runflat and have rim protection rather than being reinforced, etc..